The end of the shooting season provides a good opportunity to see just who is in the kennel! Clive and I each have our own dogs and while Clive does not compete in Field Trials he trains his dogs to the same exacting standards. We both enjoy picking up throughout the shooting season with a team of between 4 and 6 dogs each. On the days when Clive is shooting there is always the opportunity for both Clive and I to have several dogs with us.

Picking Up

I normally have two litters of puppies a year from special bitches and find it a rewarding - if stressful at times - experience. I also try and buy in an occasional puppy from other lines and probably also have one back instead of a stud fee, so that each spring I will have three or four youngsters to train. This year I have Bedgebrook Mole, a black bitch by FT Ch Bedgebrook Excalibur and her two half sisters also by Scally, Bee who is yellow and Fly who is black. Then there is Wag, a black dog who is also by Scally and Wren whose dam is Scally's sister.

Two young dogs who enjoyed a full season picking up and who I will train on this summer are Bedgebrook Kooga (a fox red dog by Rouble) and Bedgebrook Lark (a black bitch) who is closely line bred to FT Ch Shortthorn Ninja of Mansengreen (Ratty). We also have her brother, Lancer. Mansengreen Hobby of Bedgebrook is now three and Bedgebrook Harlequin, who has won a Novice Trial, is four. Scally is the most senior dog of mine in the kennels and then Rouble and Ratty live in the house (along with Dora a terrier and Welli the whippet…!). Several of our dogs are related and it would be fair to say that we have concentrated on three lines - FT Ch Shortthorn Ninja of Manssengreen, FT Ch Tasco Rouble of Bedgebrook and FT Ch Bedgebrook Excalibur - I feel very proud when I take all three of them out for a walk!

Ratty, Rouble and Scally

Clive's dogs include Tussock (Tasco Tussock of Bedgebrook), Bracken (a litter brother to FT Ch Mansengreen Diesel Evo of Birdsgreen), Lancer (Lark's brother) and Button (Fly's brother). And I almost forgot to mention my gorgeous cocker spaniel, Sage.

Most years I train one or two Labradors as shooting companions for other people and I will often have a fully or part trained Labrador for sale.

Dogs Out Shooting
Scally, Tussock, Evo and Rouble

Picking Up at Home
Picking Up at Home