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I am Gilly Nickols and I hope you will enjoy looking at the following pages and seeing what I get up to with my dogs.


Bedgebrook Gundogs
Some of our Bedgebrook dogs

Having grown up with a black Labrador I bought my first dog, Snowdrop Dot, in 1990 when I was expecting a baby and lived in London. Not perhaps the most obvious place to herald the start of my enthusiasm for gundogs, shooting, picking up and trialling, but a chance encounter in Richmond Park led to my training "Truffle" to do rather more than sit quietly by the pushchair and I won a Novice Field Trial with her some three years later!

Dogs, and in particular Labradors quickly became all consuming and from being a hobby are now a way of life. Truffle was joined by Willow and then Beech who I won an Open Trial with - and I was well and truly bitten by the bug! My dogs and my sport really are a passion (some would say an obsession) which I feel privileged to enjoy. 

I now live in East Sussex with my patient (and shooting oriented) husband Clive and together we have a kennel of around 25 dogs some of which are pictured above. We are very fortunate to have a shoot, which Clive runs, where we live and now that my children have almost grown up and left home (Sophie is at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester and Tom is hoping to join the Royal Marines) I really can spend virtually all my time with my Bedgebrook dogs.

In October 2004, to my immense delight, I made up my first Field Trial Champion, Tasco Rouble of Bedgebrook. In November 2009 I made up my second, FT Ch Bedgebrook Excalibur. I have set high standards for myself with my training, trialling, teaching and breeding and with luck and hard work I am looking forward to lots more lovely Bedgebrook dogs in the years ahead.

Rouble    Gilly & Scally
Rouble and Scally